Healthy Summer Feet

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Summer is the time for picnics, pool parties and playing outside—not foot pain. Follow these ten tips for keeping your feet pain-free this summer: 1. Don’t walk barefoot. Your feet can suffer cuts and puncture wounds that can become infected. 2. Apply sunscreen to your feet to protect against sunburn and skin cancer. 3. Wear socks. Bare feet inside of shoes can lead to athlete’s foot and other fungal infections, blisters and calluses. Change socks throughout the day when necessary to keep feet dry. 4. Don’t pop blisters. These are a natural barrier to infection. 5. Don’t fall for fashion trends. When buying sandals, make sure they provide arch support and heel cushioning. 6. Wear larger shoes to accommodate swollen feet, especially if you work outside. 7. Clean and disinfect spider and ant bites to avoid infection. 8. Stay hydrated to avoid leg cramps and muscle spasms. 9. Warm up and stretch before exercising and cool down and stretch afterward. This will help prevent injuries to the Achilles tendon and plantar fascia. 10. If your feet hurt, come see us. Foot and ankle pain shouldn’t be ignored. If pain persists after three days of rest, schedule an appointment with our office. Info provided by ACFAS.

Information provided by The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons

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