Tips For Healthy Outdoor Feet

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Enjoying the outdoors in warm weather is much more fun when your feet are not hurting. Follow these ten tips for keeping your feet pain-free: 1. Don’t walk barefoot. Your feet can suffer cuts that can easily become infected. 2. Clean and disinfect spider and ant bites to avoid infection. 3. Wear socks. Bare feet inside of shoes are prime targets for athlete’s foot and other fungal infections, as well as blisters and calluses. Keep feet dry by changing socks during the day when necessary. 4. Don’t pop blisters. ey are a natural barrier to infection. 5. Ignore fashion. When buying sandals, make sure they provide arch support and cushion the heel. 6. Wear larger shoes to accommodate swelling feet, especially if you work outside. 7. Wear sunscreen. Your feet need sun protection, too! 8. If it hurts, don’t use it. Don’t ignore injuries to the foot and ankle. If pain persists, come to our office for an evaluation. 9. Warm up and stretch before exercising and be sure to cool down and stretch afterward. ose few additional minutes can help prevent injuries to your Achilles tendon and plantar fascia. 10. Stay well-hydrated to avoid leg cramps and muscle spasms. info provided by ACFAS

Information provided by The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons

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